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The Kulas of Conk were the oldest family of squirrels who ruled many years ago before they were betrayed by the panthers. Little is known about them, but they ruled the kingdom before the Panther King banished the squirrels to Windy.

In Count Batula's mansion in the Spooky chapter, there are pictures of important looking squirrels, who may well be the Kulas of Conk. Conker is said to be the last descendant of the Kulas of Conk, Count Batula's forefather is depicted on one of the pictures, Count Batula mentioned that he was a crusader in a war of long ago which happened years ago before the events of Bad Fur Day started, he and Batula were allies, Count Batula also mentioned he has ancestors, so presumably these ancestors could be members of the family and part of Conker's ancestors.