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"A dark and gloomy castle, much like its only remaining occupant. Its scenic grounds are still used by travelling merchants, but few would want to venture into the Keep itself."
Conker's Pocket Tales' instruction booklet
Krow Keep

Conker in Krow Keep.

Krow Keep is the third world accessed in Conker's Pocket Tales. In Rare tradition, it is a horror-themed world that is mostly made up of a forested area. A large castle sits on the western side of the forest, which is full of many deadly traps and poltergeist objects. As the name of the world implies, many Evil Crows wander through the forest of Krow Keep. The boss of Krow Keep is a wizard named Waldorf, who is fought up to four times in the castle.


Points of interest[]

  • The Forest
  • The Castle


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