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the Krotch 45

The Krotch 45 is a secondary weapon usable by the Long Ranger class exclusive to the Xbox Live & Co. mode of Conker: Live & Reloaded. It is an Upgrade-only weapon.


Handy for close encounters. Not as versatile as the DPs but more powerful due to the larger caliber.

Firing Mode (Single Shot)[]

Long Ranger Krotch 45 icon

The Krotch 45 in the in-game menu.

Long Ranger Krotch 45 menu

The Krotch 45 from the class selection screen.

Long Ranger Krotch 45 modes

The Krotch 45's ammo type.

In a similar vein to the DP-500's, the .45's only fire single shots, however, the rate of fire and damage is higher and it gives the Long Ranger a fighting chance in close quarters.


  • The krotch 45 is a parody of the famous revolver from 1873 called Colt Single Action Army also known as Colt 45 and Colt Peacemaker (Peacemaker)
  • The gun's name is a pun on the name crotch.
    • Which it's ironic due to how in the class selection screen, the Long ranger will sometimes scratch their crotch and then sniff it.
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