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Knowit the Owl is a character in the unreleased game, Twelve Tales: Conker 64. It gives advice about the general objectives in the game, and how to effectively fight the bosses.


Knowit is a metallic green mechanical owl with a metallic yellow or golden belly, feathers, ears, and crest on its head. It also has large brown eyes, as well as a wind-up key on its back.


  • "To get a present, collect all the balloons." (speech bubble, telling Conker how to get the present)
  • "Watch out, he's a mean one! Sneak behind him, or attack when he's not looking." (speech bubble, telling Conker how to fight K.O. the Kat)


  • Its name comes from the term "know-it-all" in which a person is extremely knowledgeable.
  • Knowit appears to be inspired by Bubo, a similar golden owl helper from the Clash of the Titans films.