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Conker Kerosene

Kerosene barrels appear in either black or neon green. They must be destroyed at a distance to avoid getting killed in their splash damage.

Conker Kerosene29

"OPEN WITH CARE" written on top.

Conker Kerosene30
Conker Kerosene2
Conker Kerosene31
Conker Kerosene13

Kerosene barrels in Future War. Note they display "OCTANE" instead of kerosene. But the effect is still the same.

Conker Kerosene16
Conker Kerosene26

This barrel also tells the user to open with care.

Kerosene Barrels are breakable objects that appear in most multiplayer maps of Conker: Live and Reloaded. If they take damage from any of the following: a Long Ranger's DU Tip or Krotch round, a Sneeker's Sabre slash or Dagger impact, a Thermophile's Acid stream or Fauster laser, a Sky Jockey's DP 500, a Grunt's Dum-Dum round or Hogster grenade, a Demolisher's rocket or Strayfur round, a grenade explosion, a Mobile Unit artillery round; basically any heavy arms fire, they will explode - causing heavy injury and/or death to anyone within their splash damage.