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The Katana is a cutting weapon used in the Multi mode of Conker's Bad Fur Day. It is the second best
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Conker wields the katana.

cutting weapon in Multi in terms of actual cutting, the first being the chainsaw, as the katana also makes you invisible on the radar, and is usually much easier to acquire. It acts much like a sword, and is used to perform head-chops, much like the Sabre. When the player is wielding the katana and jumps with it, the character will jump in a front flip motion and (sometimes) a Japanese-sounding yell. When attacking with the katana, the character thrusts the sword forward into the victim's head, while making the Japanese-sounding yell mentioned before. Another press of the Z Button will cause the character to slice the victim's head off.


  • The katana was used in the closing cutscene by Conker to defeat Heinrich.
  • The Japanese-like yells sound very similar to those of Jago from the Killer Instinct 2 game.
  • In multiplayer, a katana's user disappears from radar while having it equipped.
  • A katana's user runs twice as quick than other players while having it equipped.
  • A katana's user can fall from greater heights than normal while having it equipped.
  • Conker picking up a katana is a Pulp Fiction reference