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Jugga is a Junoesque female humanoid creature who appears in the Uga Buga chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


The first and only time she is seen is in the Uga Buga chapter. She appears to be in a relationship with Buga the Knut. She is first seen sitting next to him at the arena, giggling at his remarks. She takes a special interest in Conker the Squirrel when she sees how he tames Fangy the Raptor. She prompts Buga to jump into the arena and battle Conker by saying that Conker has a "bigger bone" than Buga. After Buga's humiliating defeat, she is shown giggling and then crossing her legs when it's publicly revealed that Buga, contrary to his claims, actually had "an extremely tiny willy," which may imply she was aware he was lying earlier.

She isn't as large as Buga, but she is exceptionally tall, this causes Conker to faint in bliss when he realizes that she's a lot bigger than when he saw her from the middle of the arena, and she can hold Conker in her hand. She then explains she and Conker can't be together, because it will not end well for the two and walks away, with Conker asking her to come back. After Jugga tells Conker that she'll always love him, she is never seen again.


Jugga talks like other cavemen, saying various words and phrases that are/sound like English, while also speaking in a tribal language. She has something of a bubbly personality due to her frequently giggling whenever interacting with Buga. She may also be somewhat manipulative, as after Buga expresses anger at her insinuation that Conker had a "bigger bone" than him, she suggests he prove he had the bigger one by fighting him, also sarcastically calling him a "big boy." While caring for Conker ultimately, she seemed reluctant to pursue a relationship due to feeling it wouldn't work out in the end.


Jugga is a tall, blonde woman like Berri. She has light-eyes, her hair is short and only goes down to her shoulders and has large perky breasts. She is wearing black-spotted, red lingerie with the same texture as the normal clothes of the Uga-Buga.

In Conker: Live & Reloaded, her lingerie was changed to leopard skin, she now has dark-eyes and her lemonade-blonde straight and parted hairstyle is changed to a messy and unkempt strawberry-blonde, and her large breasts became less perky and more perfectly shaped.


  • Her name is a joke about how prominent her J-cup "jugs" are similar to the Sunflower's S-cup sized breasts from the Barn Boys chapter.
  • Jugga's bikini-clad appearance is a reference to Princess Leia as a slave from Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983).
  • Since Conker wanted to pursue a relationship with Jugga, it is evident that he is cheating on Berri.
    • That said, if the answering machine message in the beginning of the game did mean Berri and Conker were in an open relationship, it may also imply he was considering bigamy.
  • Jugga the Amazonian Uga-Buga could be based on Baywatch actress and PlayBoy model Pamela Anderson because of her voice and appearance. In the XBOX remaster, Jugga was given a redesign to look exactly like the celebrity.
    • She may have also been partly based on the female protagonist in 1,000,000 BC.
  • The throne area that Jugga and Buga were at has two ladders on each side. A close observation of the ladders (such as when Buga gets up to receive applause before the start of the games) reveal that the ladders have 35 rungs, implying alongside her final scene that Jugga's height exceeds 35 feet (as each rung is required to have a maximum of 12 inches between rungs in a ladder), this also makes her around 30 feet taller than Conker who is only 145 cm (4'9").