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Heist is the ninth and final chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. The Heist chapter is famous for its movie spoof of The Matrix. The Heist chapter is also very short in its gameplay, however has very long and interactive cut scenes, the final chapter marks the end of the story. Its previous chapter is It's War.


The Windmill's Dead[]

Conker returns to discover that the Windmill has been destroyed and that Mrs. Bee is dead after being crushed by one of the windmill's parts. Conker then runs up the spiral path and discovers that Rodent was alive and well, they both have a conversation and Rodent bids Conker farewell and leaves. Conker then heads down a secret passage inside the Windmill, that leads to the Feral Reserve Bank.

Note: In Bad Fur Day, Hungover is sealed at the beginning of Heist along with Spooky. It's War, Uga Buga, and Sloprano (all except for Barn Boys and Bat's Tower, both areas are still accessible). Despite only the windmill being destroyed.

Enter the Vertex[]

Conker meets Don Weaso again, who has him do another job, this time, he teams Conker and Berri up to rob the Feral Reserve Bank. Conker and Berri must shoot several guards through a matrix-type slow motion attack, advancing through each wave, they defeat the guards and head up to the elevator, where the vault is.

The Vault[]

Conker takes all the money in vault, and is now a millionaire. The Panther King reveals himself and plans on capturing Conker, then orders Don Weaso to kill Berri. The Professor appears and mentions something about an incubation period being nearly complete, and then shows him that he planted an alien egg in the Panther King as revenge. The alien Heinrich then bursts from the Panther King's chest. Conker then pulls a lever, which sucks Berri, the Professor, the Panther King, and his throne out of the room and opens a door to a mech-suit. Conker must defeat Heinrich in a Super Mario 64 fashion by throwing Heinrich out of the room. After doing this enough times the end cutscene initiates.

End Cutscene[]

Heinrich is about to kill Conker, however the game freezes and Conker meets The Programmers, he then bargains with them, requesting they give him access to a row of weapons and an instant transportation to the Throne Room. Conker then slices Heinrich's head off with a katana and finishes the game. However, he forgot to resurrect Berri and is too late since The Programmers have left. The Weasel Guards then appear and crown Conker the new king of the land, he is then joined by some characters he met throughout the game. However, because of Berri's death, he is left with his heart broken and the sad music plays as The Credits roll.

In the final scenes of the chapter Conker is drinking at The Cock and Plucker and talks with the Bartender, he becomes drunk once again, but this time he walks the opposite way of the way he took in the beginning, which may possibly be the correct way to Conker's home.


  • This chapter is a parody and spoof of the Matrix trilogy such as the bank robbery, similar music, the ending with Conker checking out weapons in a white background, and one of the title's of the chapter is called "Enter the Vertex", Conker's role parodies Neo, while Berri parodies Trinity's role, the Weasel Security Guards parody the security guards in the film, Berri's death references Trinity being wounded by Agent's gunshot in the Matrix's sequel "The Matrix Reloaded", and possibly Trinity's death in the third film "The Matrix Revolutions".
  • When Conker and Berri first meet the Panther King the shutters behind him open much like the ones that do in a scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and also parodies Star Wars: Return of the Jedi with the Panther King sitting on the throne similar how Emperor Palpatine meets Luke Skywalker in the film.
  • Its unknown what happened to Don Weaso after he wandered off from the throne after Heinrich came out of the Panther King's stomach.
  • Henrich is a parody of a Xenomorph and Heinrich bursting out the Panther King's stomach, is similar to the 1979 film "Alien", and Conker's line "Get away from you her, you bitch!" parodies Ripley's line in the sequel "Aliens".
    • When Conker chooses a katana, to slice off Henrich's head off, this is a reference to Pulp Fiction.
  • Conker's way of throwing and swinging Heinrich out to the airlock is very similar to the final boss fight in Super Mario 64, where Mario throws Bowser by swinging him by his tail and failing to some mines.
  • In Live & Reloaded, the green Lady Cog can be seen next to the throne in the background when Conker slices off Heinrich's head and joined by Franky and the Weasel Guards. She appears next to the red Lady Cog later on.