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The Haybot is a huge robot disguised as a haystack that appeared in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live and Reloaded. He appears in the Barn Boys chapter.


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Haybot looks like other Haystacks, only he is larger and has arms with hands. He is actually a robot disguised to look like other Haystacks. According to him, Franky the Pitchfork is his nemesis. When Conker teams up with Franky, they discover Haybot's true identity.

When Haybot is in his robot form, he appears much larger than in his hay form. But this could just be due to his newly added jumper leg.

His main weapons are the Suzie 9mm missiles (a parody of the Uzi 9mm), which refer to Haybot as "sweetie-pie". He has an Austrian accent, which and is a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Terminator, seeing that he is disguised as one of the Haystacks, and his face is burned off revealing a robotic skeleton at one point. He also references one of the Terminator's infamous line, "Fuck you, asshole!" by saying "Buff you, asshole!" and even the theme that plays when Conker and Franky fight his robotic form has a rhythmic clanking and grim tone reminiscent of the main theme from the second Terminator film. Although he speaks with an Austrian accent during the battle, his debut has him speaking in the same rasping style as the other haystacks.


"So my nemesis is defeated."

"Yes! It's me again!"

"Right! Time to wander around aimlessly."

"Buff you, Asshole!"

"Suzie 9mm."


In Haybot's hay form, simply use Franky to attack him three times with his fork. Haybot will then start to jump and make the floor collapse into the basement. In Haybot's robot form, Conker and Franky will have to hide behind one of the three water pipes. Haybot will shoot his missiles, and the missiles will break the pipe, spewing sewage out. Once this has been done, Conker and Franky must go to the area where the pipe is spewing sewage and lure Haybot into the spout. This will cause Haybot to short out and jump back. Haybot will then start to slowly spin around, revealing his weakness on his backside; a big red button, that says "DO NOT PUSH". All Conker must do then is to jump and press B when facing the weak point; once this is done three times, Haybot will explode (one of his arms will explode after the first hit, and the other one after the second hit).



  • The "Buff you, asshole!" line was censored in the Xbox version, censoring the entire word "asshole".