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The Grunt is a class in the Xbox Live & Co. mode in Conker: Live and Reloaded.


The all-rounder, the jack of all trades, the basic, reliable combat unit.  Grunts have no particular speciality or imposing physical characteristic,  but they compensate for it in other ways— with guts, access to powerful  firearms and the valuable Self Heal ability (which naturally makes them a  lot harder to kill if given time to use it).





Conker Live and Reloaded - Grunt


  • Sturm 21, a three-barrel submachine gun that has several fire modes; burst mode, automatic mode and dum-dum (powerful single shot)
  • Hogster, anti-infantry grenade launcher unlocked via upgrade. Fire modes can be switched between timed or on-impact detoanation
  • Medgun, a device that allows the Grunt to heal teammates, in turn adding +1 CP
  • Frag Grenade, standard fragmentation grenade
  • Stun Grenade, flashbang used to stun enemies
  • Magnova Grenade, electromagnetic pulse grenade use to disable vehicles acquired from Upgrades.


Toad MK II[]

An all-terrain vehicle armed with a machine gun turret. While it isn't very fast, it is capable of long range combat, thus allowing it to effectively infiltrate enemy territory. The turret can serve as transportation for other team members, as they can hop in and man the gun while the player drives.

It is considered to be the more useful counterpart to the Dragon MK I, which is a vehicle unique to the Thermophile.


A small, fast quad bike that becomes available to the Grunt class upon acquiring an Upgrade. The R-Hog is purely for fast transportation as it has no turrets or weapons attached, but it is also the fastest vehicle in the game, even having access to a temporary rocket boost when the right analog stick is held down. It is very effective for quick transportation.


  • Despite having bayonets on their standard weapon, the Grunt is not capable of any specific close combat involving the knife.