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Game Boy

The original Game Boy.

The Nintendo Game Boy was a handheld gaming system released in August, 1989.


The original Game Boy did not not have color; it was not until the 1998 release of the Game Boy Color that the screen featured a more detailed color palette. The only Conker title featured on the Game Boy was Conker's Pocket Tales, for the Game Boy Color; the game changed slightly depending on whether it was played on the original Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket, or the later Game Boy Color. The Game Boy Advance was the final iteration of the Game Boy.

List of sounds[]

Conker's Pocket Tales[]

  • Simian Segue (Donkey Kong Land)

Conker's Bad Fur Day[]

  • Jago Stage (Killer Instinct Gold Version)
  • Sabrewulf Stage (Killer Instinct Gold Version)
  • Killer Instinct Theme

Conker: Live & Reloaded[]

  • Cinder Stage
  • Chicago Alley Stage
  • Killer Instinct Theme
  • Riptor Stage
  • Sabrewulf Stage
  • Spinal Stage
  • TJ Combo Stage



  • Conker is also shown using one during his idle animations; it seems to be a (non-existent) port of Killer Instinct Gold, as it will play 8-bit remixes of the main theme, Jago's KI2 theme, and Sabrewulf's KI2 theme.