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Franky the Pitchfork

Franky as he appeared in Conker: Live and Reloaded.

Gender: Male
First appearance: Conker's Bad Fur Day (2001)
Species: Pitchfork
Color: Light brown

Grey (sharp ends)

Eyes: Black
Character type: Non-Playable Character/boss

Franky the Pitchfork is an ally of Conker that helped him out in the Barn Boys chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day, as well as its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. He is also the mortal nemesis of the Haybot.

Barn Boys

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During Conker's adventures in the barnyard, he manages to enter inside the barn. Inside, Conker notices bales of hay hopping around the Barn's interior. Reg the Paintbrush, Ron the Paintpot, and Franky notices Conker coming in through the front door, and Reg and Ron both agree that it's Franky's turn to kick the intruder's butt. When Conker confronts the three beings, Franky yells at Conker and asks him "what the dam diddly squat" is he doing in the barn. After Conker asks if his parents were related before they were married, Franky immediately chases Conker around the barn, trying to stab his forky feet into him. As Franky tries to impale him, Conker needed to use the mad pitchfork's attack against the bales of hay bouncing in the barn. After all haybales have been defeated, Franky goes back to his two "friends" with his tail between his legs. Ron and Reg tell off Franky by saying that was the "shittiest crappiest, crappiest shittiest kick ass" they've ever seen. Both suggest that Franky should hang himself by a rope way up high in the barn. After Franky realizes he doesn't have a neck, or an esophagus, he realizes he won't be able to kill himself that way. After Conker makes his way to the upper area of the barn and cuts Franky's rope with some Throwing Knives, Franky decides to claim Conker as his best friend, and agrees to help Conker out with the menacing Haybot.

Franky tells Conker to ride on his back, and the two attack the Haybot. After stabbing him three times, Haybot makes the floor break and he, Conker, and Franky tumble down into the Barn's Basement. After the fight with Haybot, Franky broke in two, but Conker fixed him up with tape. After this the water begins to rise and Franky leaves the place.

Franky then appears later on at the end of the game right after Conker kills the alien. Conker is very surprised to see him considering the fact that Franky came out of nowhere.

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