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Fire imp conkers bad fur day

A Fire Imp from Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Fire Imps are offensively impolite goblins that are featured in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. Fire Imps are first encountered when the player  gets out of the water pipe of the vault in the Bat's Tower chapter. 

The Fire Imps are trouble-makers, and dance around Conker making fun of him, laughing manically and calling: "Light up the furry guy!". They will sneak up on Conker and burn him, lighting his tail on fire for a few seconds. They also make a giant ball come up from under Conker and laugh at him as he tries to keep balance. Conker has to get drunk, by drinking alcohol from a nearby tap, and then he has to extinguish them by urin ating on them. Afterwards, they get in "The Big Big Guy", a giant walking, talking furnace, whom Conker then has to lead him to a corner of the room, pull a lever and dump poo on him to give him a headache, and stand still, that gives the player time to knock its balls of brass off with a frying pan the players weapon. One of the Fire Imp's accidently press a button causing Big Big Guy to explode, however they survive the explosion and begin to run around the place as Conker escapes down a passage.


  • Fire Imp 1: You up for this job?

                   Fire Imp 2: Is he up for this job? Press that button.

                   Fire Imp 1: The one with the...

                   Fire Imp 2: Yeah. Press it. [brass balls fall out]

                   Fire Imp 1: Whoa. I see what you mean.

  • Fire Imp 1: Hey, this is a neat joint!

            [Fire Imp 2 smokes his cigar]

                  Fire Imp 1: Give me some of that!  

                  Fire Imp 2: F*ck off!

  •          Fire Imp 2: We can't get out through the normal door!

                  Fire Imp 1: Oh, well, there's this door here. Where does that go?

                  Fire Imp 2: Um... I don't think we wanna go that way. It's the BACK PASSAGE!

                  Fire Imp 1: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

                  Fire Imp 2: It can't be the only way out! What's this button do? [Sirens go off] Computer: Warning! Warning! Self-destruct in one second...

                  Fire Imp 1: Oh, you stupid f... 

  •          Fire Imp 1: [spotting Conker] Hey Hey, Don't look now, Don't look now Furry Guy, Looks Kinda *Flammable*

                  Fire Imp 2: *Flammable* ohh I like flammable, what do we do?

                  Fire Imp 1: Hide, yeh hide! Quick put the tab out,

                  Fire Imp 2: so what do I do with this? [holding up a cigar]

                  Fire Imp 1: Just shove it up your ass

                  Fire Imp 2: Oh, ok [he literally shoves the cigar up his ass]