Earthworms are enemies found in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live and Reloaded. If Conker is unable
dodge them they will viciously bite him and throw him back a few feet. There are two versions of Earthworms: the normal ones, and the undead ones.

In Conker's Bad Fur Day


The worms are first seen in the chapter Windy. A short cutscene when Conker is at the base of Windmill shows one popping up from the ground and sniffing the area. Conker must jump over the worms to reach Mr. Barrel, if he is unable to make it over, then the worms will grab him, bite him, and throw him away. When Conker is riding down the pathway on Mr. Barrel, he will crush the worms when they pop up from the ground. After that, they no longer appear. They bleed both red and yellow blood.


The worms make another appearance in the chapter Spooky. This time they are zombies and appear on the curvy pathyway that leads toward Count Batula's Mansion. Conker must repeat the same tactics for avoiding the attacks of the worms. When Conker is riding Mr. Barrel again, the same unfortunate fate falls on the zombie worms. They are crushed into pieces and die for good.


  • It is possible that the zombie worms in Spooky are the deceased worms of Windy after Conker kills them.
  • Oddly, the zombie worms are skeletal, unlike real worms, which have no bones, although those could have been skeleton versions of the worms.
  • In Live and Reloaded, the zombified worms are accompanied by dolls, and both can be destroyed by the shotgun. This was originally not possible in Conker's Bad Fur Day.