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The Dung beetles are enemies and NPCs who first appeared in Conker's Bad Fur Day and again in its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. They're large, red and black beetles with the ability to fly. Just like their nonfiction counterpart, they like feces, with one of them operating a Poo Cabin. They talk with Liverpudlian, or 'Scouser' voices, and are only found normally in the Poolands section of Windy (and the left of the fork in the road separating it from Barn Boys). They appear in the Windy and Sloprano chapters.


The Dung beetles are first seen resting on tree stumps on downward slope adjacent to Poo Mountain. Conker has to defeat them with the slingshot, in order to gain access to Barn Boys. If any of the beetles are hit by Conker's first shot, they will angrily fly towards him. If the second shot is fired, they will explode and die.

A few Dung beetles can be found flying around Poo Mountain's spiral climb, and if they see Conker trying to pass they will attempt to attack him, mostly without fail. A giant variation of a dung beetle even appears at one point. When it gets to ten 'o clock (when the door to the Barn in Barn Boys is opened up), there is one seen in the Poo Cabin who swears a lot telling Conker to go and get some poo from The Cows (Marta, Mavis, and Olive). He later appears outside of the Poo Cabin after Conker had made the Cows crap in the cabin and tells him that he is permitted and can do whatever he likes with the pooballs. This particular beetle isn't seen again, as he flies away from the mountain to an unknown location.


The Dung beetles

In the Sloprano chapter, after Conker opens up the entrance to Poo Mountain's interior and goes inside, a Dung beetle inside tells Conker about how The Great Mighty Poo had taken and possibly eaten his friends Tezza and Bazza, two days ago. After his story, he flies away, and leaves the inside of Poo Mountain, telling Conker to take his advice and get out of there, however "There's some money up there if he's arsed to get it."


  • "Have him lads!"
  • "I've had enough of this!"
  • "Is that it? Stop that!"
  • "You callin' me a scouser? I said ey mate, I'm from New Brighton like, "scouser."
  • "This place is sh*t."
  • "Rollin' poo all day? Ah, come 'ead."
  • "Let's kick the sh*t out of this f*ck".
  • "I'm gonna kick the sh*t out of this buster!"
  • "Yeah, the wife's got a job in Bromborough, bit crap like but what do you expect?"
  • "So I was thinking of going down the market later, down Birkenhead"



  • The fact that the Dung beetles have a Liverpudlian accent is a possible reference to the rock band known as The Beatles. To prove this opinion further, there are only four Dung Beetles that speak during a cutscene; The Beatles band had only four members.
    • This is corroborated from the first four beetles seen in Windy and the three beetles in one of Sloprano's cutscenes, and that "Beatles" is a homophone of "Beetles."
  • Even though the Dung beetles have exaggerated Liverpudlian accents, they make reference to places on the Wirral, an area where Chris Seavor grew up at.
  • Despite their species, they somewhat resemble ladybugs in appearance.
  • If Conker were to go back to Poo Mountain right before the Heist chapter, all of the Dung beetles on the mountain will disappear with no explanation given.