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Doon is the sixth mission in the Xbox Live & Co. mode of Conker: Live and Reloaded.

Mission Brief[]


C6 Chapter X, Sixth Scene, Conker Live & Reloaded

The mission briefing.

Things hadn't quite turned out as expected for either side, as it was revealed that the 'Thing' wasn't a weapon after all. It was a tomb! The Panther King had lain at rest for two hundred years, frozen in his icy prison. Before the SHC could react, the body was gone stolen! Intelligence told them where their ancient enemy had been taken. The Tediz homeworld, also known as Doon. It was a race against time: if the Tediz managed to revive their dormant leader then a new reign of terror would begin, but if the small SHC assault force could get there first...All they needed to do was break through the Tediz defense gates, here, here and here. They could be broken by either destroying the locking mechanism or hacking it. Once into the Tediz base, all hell would break loose. This time they had to be sure. The heart! They must destroy the heart!



  • Break or hack through the defenses.
  • Destroy the heart.


  • Defend the Panther King's tomb until time went out.



After breaking through the defenses and destroying the heart, the device explode causing the panther king's corpse to fall into the lava. Which caused a massive celebration ending the war once and for all for the SHC.


After successfully holding back the SHC, The machine worked and they revived the Panther King, He steps down and said one and only one request is to fetch the Panther King his milk which made one of the Tedi grunts to go out and fetch the Panther King milk. After the events it caused a massive celebration ending the war once and for all for the Tediz.