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The Dino Baby is a purple baby T-Rex that is encountered in the chapter Uga Buga in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. Dino Baby normally says words like "Bloopie" when he is around Conker.

When Conker hatches him from the giant egg, the Dino imprints onto him, believing Conker to be his mother, and as such starts to follow him around after crushing a Monk Gobling. He can eat all of the Cavemen in your way, though he is quite slow to move. When the dinosaur is in the place where the cavemen are bowing there are two buttons — one to kill it. When you press the button to release the weight, it will squish him, killing him. Then Uga Deity's mouth will open and you can go inside to move on to the next area.


  • The Dino Baby could be based off "Dino" from The Flintstones due to being purple like "Dino."
  • In Twelve Tales: Conker 64, a small purple dinosaur shares some resemblance to the Dino Baby.
  • Ironically, the Dino Baby has the same footprint tracks from the small red dinosaurs seen at the beginning of the Uga Buga world, and in multiplayer mode's "Raptor", the Dino Baby's sound effects are reused for the small red dinosaur seen in Raptor's multiplayer mode as a baby for a bunch of raptors.
  • It's unknown who the Dino Baby's parents are, and how the egg he was inside of appeared in that area.
    • He is possibly an orphan.
  • In the early designs the Dino Baby was originally going to have one sharp tooth protruding from its mouth, similar to the TNT Imp.