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Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing

Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Programmer: Paul Mountain, John Pegg, Richard Gale
Designer: Kevin Bayliss, Martin Wakeley
Composer: David Wise
Release dates: November 14, 1997 (JP)
November 24, 1997 (NA)
November 21, 1997 (PAL)
Genre: Racing
Modes: Single player, multiplayer
Ratings: ESRB: E
System: Nintendo 64
Media: 64 megabyte cartdridge
Input: Nintendo 64 controller

Diddy Kong Racing is a racing game for the Nintendo 64. It was also the first game to include Conker the Squirrel.


Timber the Tiger's parents go on vacation and leave their son in charge of the island they live on, leaving him and his friends to race for fun. Their enjoyment is derailed when an evil, intergalactic, pig wizard named Wizpig arrives at peaceful Timber Island and attempts to take over after he conquered his own planet's racetracks. He turns the four island's guardians: Tricky the Triceratops, Bubbler the Octopus, Bluey the Walrus and Smokey the Dragon into his henchmen. The only solution available to the island's inhabitants is to defeat Wizpig in an elaborate series of races that involves cars, hovercrafts, and airplanes. Drumstick the Rooster, the best racer on the island, failed this challenge and was transformed into a frog by Wizpig's black magic. Timber recruits a team of 7 racers: Diddy Kong, the first recruit; Conker the Squirrel and Banjo the Bear, recruited by Diddy; Krunch the Croc, Diddy's enemy who follows after him; and Tiptup the Turtle, Pipsy, and Bumper the Badger, inhabitants of Timber's island. They eventually complete all of Wizpig's challenges and confront Wizpig himself to a race and defeat him. They all decide to celebrate with a party near the beach however, Wizpig reappears, crashing their party and mocking them to challenge him again, he then leaves for his home planet, Future Fun Land.

Fearing that Wizpig would again attempt to invade Timber's Island, the islanders travel to the Future Fun Land for a second challenge. When Wizpig loses the second race, the rocket he rides on malfunctions and blasts him to a distant planet and peace returns to Timber Island for good.


Playable characters[]

Non playable characters[]

  • Taj the Genie
  • Wizpig
  • Tricky the Triceratops
  • Bluey the Walrus
  • Blubbler the Octopus
  • Smokey the Dragon