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Conker Live & Reloaded Class Showcase - Demolisher

The Demolisher is a class in the Xbox Live mode of Conker: Live & Reloaded.


The Demolisher is considered to be the most powerful class, although the slowest. They are equipped with a powerful Bazooka, which is capable of blowing up enemies and vehicles, although difficult to aim accurately. Their Berserk ability is good for close combat, but is somewhat difficult to control. Because of this, Demolishers are not recommended for beginners, but can be mastered with practice.

Appearance and Personality[]


The SHC demolisher wears, army attire like Grunt and long ranger through His outfit is smaller causing His stomach to be exposed due to his large size, what's interesting is that on his shoulder He holds the rank Master Sergeant. His helmet has bullet holes, to the left it has a lollipop attach to it which might be the SHC demolisher's favorite treat, also interesting that it says "I love NY" which might suggest, He might have gotten the lollipop from it while, he's visiting it. While to the right has a peace sign which has blood on it and a smiley face, which the peace sign is ironic due to his playstyle he also seems to have a missing tooth. In the future war, He wears futuristic armor which stills does not fit he also wears a hat revealing his little ears, and what's interesting is that his other tooth is back, which he also still carved the symbol but this time it's on his armor he's also missing a shoulder pad probably due to during the war against the machine Tediz. His personality, his might not be the brightest of the SHC members but, makes up for his strength and power, most of his lines are slurred like pronouncing bastard as "dastard", he also sometimes calls his bazooka as "Rockets" and he seems to forget a lot and has no sense of direction, like "what? where was he?" "Where are them fuckers?", "oh shit, they around here somewhere.", "Who driving this thing anyway?" and "nooo, dah I know they here somewhere." though, he has either an angry attitude towards the Tediz like "Tedi bastards, come on" and "You cowards, you fuckers I know you're there." or a sorta playful attitude like "Come out to playboys.", "Ohh look at that.", "He's blown up!", "Woah! playing all over the place!" and "Tedi meat? Tedi meat." Though he has a calm attitude, He might have an anger problem since he can go berserk and one of his lines "I AINT GOING BERSERK!!" is in a sorta worried or sad state.


The Tediz demolisher wears, a Tediz issued uniform which is a jacket that has the Tediz's symbol on each collar with an open vest showing off his chest which has some bullet holes through him suggesting he got into some of the warzones with the SHC. also wearing fingerless gloves, an HBT cap which seems to be small for him. The Tediz demolisher's rank is corporal which is lower than master sergeant. His face seems to have a scar going across his eye either probably due to the making of the Tediz demolisher or due to war. His fur is darker than the other Tediz. In the future war, He has exposed metal, due to being a machine Tedi he also has a red harness, red gloves. The most notable feature is His metal jaw and one red eye. His personality is what he is, a large brute having a very deep and slow voice and is very aggressive and seems very sadistic, nicknaming his strayfur "Old painless", tankus, "wonder weapon", "Panzer" and "big vehicle" and he seems to have a simple speech like "Tank, mine.". He also has the berserk ability though, the Tedi demolisher uses berserk to get through SHC's lines faster,



  • Bazooka, an rocket launcher, can be upgraded with guided missiles
  • Strayfur, rapid-fire minigun available via upgrade
  • Arc Weld, welding tool used to repair vehicles or terminals
  • Napalm Grenade, creates a pool of fire on detonation
  • Smoke Grenade, obscures vision with a cloud of smoke
  • Frag Grenade, standard fragmentation grenade, available through upgrade
  • Smoke Grenade, a grenade that omits dark smoke upon being thrown
  • Berserk, increases speed and grants additional melee attack, which can kill in one hit if aimed correctly
  • Tankus, tank with heavy armor and firepower


  • Their idle animations goes for the following
    • Grenades, they will heavy breaths on it
      • While unarmed they will sometimes scratch their ass
        • Bazooka, he will lean on the bazooka with the firing end on the ground (A interesting Easter egg is if you press the fire button while he's in this idle animation it will fire and cause the player to blow up causing a lost of 5 points.)
  • In the Class select screen their idle animations goes as followed
    • Tosses the grenade up.
      • Rolls the grenades up and down his sleeves.
        • Sometimes eat the grenade and then burp it out.
  • They have the most amount of health in the game, thus making them the hardest to kill unless blown up or aimed at the head.
  • The SHC Demolisher was voiced by Chris Sutherland, who voices Banjo and Kazooie in the Banjo-Kazooie series.
    • This is the only male squirrel character who was voiced by someone else besides Chris Seavor, as well as one of the two male characters in the Conker series to not be voiced by him. The other being The Great Mighty Poo, who was voiced by Chris Marlow.
  • In their promotional art, the Old War Tediz Demolisher is holding, a weapon based one of the AK models in their hand. This weapon is not seen in-game at all, let alone being used by the Demolisher though it might just be promotional art and just probably there of just giving him a weapon. in the final art the AK been replaced with the bazooka.