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Dagger in old war (top) and future war (bottom).

Sneeker Dagger old

Old War Dagger.

Sneeker Dagger future

Future War Dagger.

Sneeker Dagger icon

Dagger from the in-game menu.

Sneeker Dagger modes

Dagger's attack modes.

The Dagger is the secondary weapon used by the Sneeker class in Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Diamundium laced blades, light and lethal. Two modes: Slash-Stab and Throw. If used right, can kill instantly.

Alternate Modes[]

  • Slash Stab — In this mode, the Sneeker will jab at your enemies when standing still. When moving around, he/she will slash the Dagger (moving it in a quick motion) hoping to leave a scratch on your enemies. Note that if the Sneeker attacks the enemy while their back is turned, the Sneeker will backstab them, leading to an instant kill. (Keep in mind that the backstab animation is quite lengthy and that the Sneeker is vulnerable while doing it.)
  • Throwing Knives - The Sneeker throws the daggers at a fairly high velocity and with pinpoint accuracy. Unlike most ranged weapons in the game, daggers will lose height as they travel. This is an excellent counter to enemies the Sneeker can't reach by any means, as the daggers inflict deceptively high damage.