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The Conker series is a series of games created by Rare, all starring the same protagonist, Conker the Squirrel.


The Conker series is very diverse: The games in the series range from cute, fairy-tale like adventures to strange, somewhat profane platformers. So far there are two games in the series, a remake, and other games where Conker has had a minor role. Even an online multiplayer "sequel" in a sense.

All of the games so far have featured Conker and Berri as the two main characters, although it is unknown if there will be another game, though another game, Conker's Other Bad Day, was planned to be created but was canceled after Microsoft purchased the company. If there is a new game, it will most likely be produced by Microsoft. Conker first appeared in Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 64, though it is not usually considered an official game in the series.


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