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ConkerZone was a website/forum about the Conker series. Its administrator was SquirrelGrunt and its webmaster was Firestom. It's motto, Tediz-Safe, was coined by Firestom.

ConkerZone was created in 2009 when ConkerBase first went down, and died later that year. The lack of news concerning the Conker series saw a decline in the Conker fanbase, and Rare announced at E3 in 2010 that they were working on Kinect Sports, effectively killing all hope that a new Conker game was on the way. The site went offline shortly afterwards.


ConkerZone's ranking system:

Rank # of Posts
Newbie 0
Poo Ball  5
Dung Beetle 10
Imp 20
Villager 45
Vampire Bat 75
Uga Buga 110
Raptor 130
Gargoyle 160
Great Mighty Poo 215
HayBot 265
Heinrich 320
War Hero! 350
King Of All The Land 380