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Conker's Other Bad Day
Developer: Rare
Designer: Chris Seavor
Release dates: Cancelled
Genre: Platformer, action


Concept art from the game. If you look closely at the concept art above, you can see plans for where the iconic gargoyle would be placed, which appears to be a wooden bridge.

After the release of Conker's Bad Fur Day, Rare began production on a new Conker game named Conker's Other Bad Day, presumingly for the Nintendo GameCube. But in 2002 Microsoft bought Rare from Nintendo, so instead of finishing and releasing the game, Rare remade Conker's Bad Fur Day for the Xbox, naming it Conker: Live and Reloaded.

According to rumors, "Conker's Other Bad Fur Day was supposed to follow Conker’s quest for his girlfriend Berri after her death in Bad Fur Day, but this time as the king of all his land. Such a premise would have been easy to come up with, since the Easter egg sequence after the ending credits of Bad Fur Day showed Conker getting wasted once again and walking into the darkness, presumably during the early morning of what was about to become his hundredth hung-over day."

It could have been that. But people wanted to know it for sure. Chris Seavor answered that not only did they start working on a sequel with that title, they also had a full storyline ready to be depicted on the screen and many new movie references in mind: “We actually started on a direct sequel which was going to be called ‘Conker’s Other Bad Day‘ which dealt with Conker’s somewhat unsuccessful tenure as King. He spends all the treasury money on beer, parties and hookers. Thrown into prison, Conker is faced with the prospect of execution and the game starts with his escape, ball and chain attached, from the Castles highest tower.”"[1]

Chris also revealed that Berri would have made an appearance. She would have been known as the "Panther Queen" (which is revealed by the end) but no other detail was revealed.[2] However, Chris seemed to imply that Berri would return as a Terminator-like being[3] (possibly referred to as the Berrinator) who would possibly hunt down Conker.

On September 16, 2008 it was announced that Microsoft cancelled the Conker game Rare was working on, and in a later interview, some of Rare's staff members hinted at what might have been.

According to Chris Seavor as he revealed in an interview in September 2012, "It had some graphics and concepts done for sure, but didn’t really get much further than that. As for what happened to Conker in OBD, well he became Emperor of the Known Universe, got a new girlfriend, and lost an old one (again). There was also a massive space poo: The Cthulpoo, the main baddie. Lots of other stuff happened, with some new characters appeared and old favourites returned. We got to find out about Gregg’s childhood and why he hated cats, there were tons and tons of parodies of the more contemporary movies, and an evil doppleganger version of Conker that you got to play for a while. And (Birdy) died. That kinda stuff… As with the original, it ended on a bittersweet note."[4]