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Cloak is the Sneeker's primary ability in Conker: Live & Reloaded. The Sneeker activates a wrist-module, turning themselves invisible to enemies and allowing to sneak into enemy bases. The cloak immediately deactivates upon running out of charge, attacking or receiving damage.

Sneeker Cloak

Cloak as Old War (left) and Future War (right).

Sneeker Cloak2

Cloak in action.

The Cloak will not make Sneekers completely invisible and sharp-eyed players will still be able to see (And attack) the slight "Blur" of a cloaked Sneeker. Long Rangers and Sky Jockeys are also capable of seeing cloaked Sneekers by using their Infravision ability. The cloak will also not work on the ceiling Earthguard as the ceiling Earthguards have the ability to sense the Sneeker's body heat.