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"The claustrophobic paths and scurrying denizens of Claw Swamp are best avoided by all but the most intrepid explorers..."
Conker's Pocket Tales' instruction booklet
Claw Swamp

Conker in Claw Swamp.

Claw Swamp is the fourth or fifth world in Conker's Pocket Tales, depending on whether Conker enters it before or after the Mako Islands. It is accessed through a secret cave in the Spooky Forest of Willow Woods. It is a jungle-themed world, full of lush foliage. Some swamp elements are found in the jungle, such as mud pits and water puddles. Much of the world consists of Block puzzles, which require much thinking in order to be solved. Once solved, the pathway leading deeper into the swamp becomes unblocked. Swamp Fiend is the boss of Claw Swamp, who is only seen as a two hands protruding out of the mud.


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