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Cheese are little wedges of cheese that appear in the Barn Boys chapter.

Cheese 2

Upon entering, Conker needs to see Jack. The box gives him a job to get the large pink box off of him. In order to do this, Conker has to give Marvin the mouse some cheese in order to make him explode. In order to capture the cheese, Conker must then go talk to Burt, who will open the gate for him. Conker must chase a wedge around the "Cheese Farm" and strike it with his weapon. After successfully subduing the cheese, Conker must give the cheese to Marvin, by which point it will start crying and begging for its life, whereupon Marvin will eat it. After repeating this process two more times, Marvin will explode, and the remaining cheese in the cheese farm will vanish, possibly having escaped.


  • Cheese bears an uncannily similarity appearance to Sweet Corn.
  • Glitch: Wait until the cheese gets off of Conker and Conker will look as if he is still holding the cheese.