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Conker Chainsaw

Conker using the Chainsaw.

The ever-coveted Chainsaw is one of the weapons usable in Multi mode of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded, and the best cutting weapon. It is a long chainsaw with a yellow handle, and is one of the few one-hit-kill weapons, however the player has to be right in front of an enemy to kill them. When used with Z, the character swings the chainsaw from side to side, chopping and slicing anyone in front of them.

In the opening for Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker uses a chainsaw to cut up the Nintendo 64 logo in half, then shoves it aside with the chainsaw while saying "Stupid logo!", then throws the chainsaw away and takes out a Rareware logo.

During the Rare Xbox Commercial now owning the rights to Rare, Conker was seen using the chainsaw to carve the XBOX logo to spell out "Rare". When he met Kameo, Conker tossed the chainsaw aside as it inflicted pain upon Banjo, due to falling in love.

Toward the end of the Project Spark trailer, Conker appears out of nowhere and cuts the title in half, then jumps up and says, "I couldn't resist." Then, the blue orb of light puts the title back together. Unlike the previous two sequences, Conker doesn't toss the chainsaw aside.