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Catfish are a species of aquatic hybrids of cat and fish which appear in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker Live & Reloaded. They appear in the Bat's Tower and Spooky chapters. According to Gregg the Grim Reaper, they are "little bastards". They are similar to Mrs. Catfish (who is one the members of the Catfish) in Live & Reloaded, unlike their real world counterpart, their species are a literal hybrid of a cat and fish. They dwell in lakes and rivers.

Every Catfish is female and wear eyeliner and lipstick for makeup. In Bad Fur Day, every Catfish has a black body and are dark purple; in the remake, these features were respectively to purple and light pink.

Bat's Tower[]

When Conker first visits Bat's tower he is greeted by the catfish and they tell him that there is a Bullfish called Brute guarding their safe. Conker then says "asses to you," the catfish, the second close to Mrs. Catfish (which sounds like a man) says that he's common as muck, Conker then accepts the offer. After Conker receives the $10 he is then furious, but the catfish then find out that the Bullfish is cutting loose from his rope. After the Bullfish is released, he chases them and starts ripping them to shreds.


Three catfish reappear in the "Spooky" chapter and appear in the waters above the pier that Gregg is fishing in, he is seen trying to kill them with his scythe and send them to the Underworld, due to his hatred for cats. It's unknown if these Catfish are the same ones from the Bat's Tower chapter.