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Castle Von Tedistein, a.k.a. Towards the Future, is the third mission in the multiplayer Xbox Live of Conker: Live and Reloaded. The SHC must cross to the defending Tediz side and overload The Machine, all the while protecting their own two objectives.

Mission Brief[]


Castle von Tedistein- Conker live and reloaded

The mission briefing.

"Despite fighting to the death and winning many battles, the Tediz were not winning the war. Forced finally to retreat to his clifftop castle stronghold, Von Kriplespac knew that only one thing could save them from defeat... The Machine. History has told us of its use, but then, no-one knew for sure. The SHC had sent in a crack assault squad. Their mission: to link up the power lines to their generator, restart the cable car, and get a trooper inside to overcharge and destroy the Machine. The Tediz... well, history also tells us they'd forgotten to pack the batteries. They both needed to link up the power lines, then seal the connection somehow. The race was on."


S.H.C's objective

  • Capture all four, battery's
  • One player must sacrifice themselves on the teleporter.


  • Capture all four, battery's
  • One player must sacrifice themselves on the teleporter in the APC.



The SHC overloads the device by sacrificing one of their units on the teleporter, causing the machine to suck everything including Von Kripplespac and causing the place to blow up. It's unknown where did it teleported Von Kripplespac and the tediz but due to him surviving and appearing later it might have teleported him away from the castle.


The Tediz overloads the device on the APC which gives them enough time to, create a demolisher machine tedi, though its unknown what happened though it's likely He helped the tediz to win the war.


  • The cable cars only move when the power is on
  • The team must capture all four battery's before sacrificing themselves on the enemy's teleporter.


  • The name, is a parody of castle wolfenstein from Wolfenstien 3D