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A Tedi with a canister in Total War

The Canister can be used in Total War and Tank modes in Conker's Bad Fur Day. When first picked up, it doesn't do anything. However, depending on what Multi mode you are playing in, bringing it to the proper area will trigger a gas, that kills all enemies.

Total War[]

The Canister can be found in both the Tediz, and SHC Base. However, players can only grab the enemy's canister in their base. If the player brings it down to the Sewer Area, it will trigger an alarm. After a five second countdown, the doors to the sewer area will close, anyone outside of it will be killed, unless they grabbed a Gas Mask in either base.


In the Tank mode, the Canister is located in the center of the map on a Bridge, grabbing it and bringing it to any of the bunker areas on the map will trigger a countdown and then release gas, similar to Total War. However, there are no Gas Masks, so the only way for anyone to survive the wave of gas is to be in one of the bunkers.


  • In the Deathmatch version of Total War, these are no Canisters, this is likely because they'd make the game too easy.