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Burt is a large metal box appearing in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. He only appears in the Barn Boys chapter and has a somewhat minor but significant role.

Conker's Bad Fur Day[]

Burt first appears in the Barn Boys chapter, and is seen for the remainder of the chapter, however Conker only speaks to him once. When Conker is sent off by Jack to deal with his rodent problem, he tells Conker that his friend Burt will help him out. Conker then makes his way into the cheese ranch area, where he meets Burt and has a quick conversation with him:

  • Conker: "Hi, you must be Burt."
  • Burt: "I'm Burt."
  • Conker: "Jack sent me."
  • Burt: "I'll open the gate for you here, and you can get on with whatever that you're trying to do."
  • Conker: "That's all you do? Great."

Burt opens the gate that allows Conker to carry Cheese off to Marvin. After that, Burt will remain where he is, standing there being relatively useless for the rest of the game.


  • When Conker first meets Burt, he is astounded that all Burt did was open a gate. This adds to him being relatively useless.