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Beach is a multi mode in Conker's Bad Fur Day.


Conker beach death

Upon hitting zero, the villager is killed by a laser.

You play as either the Tediz or Villagers. Here, the Villagers attempt to escape to Paris while the Tediz try to stop them. The Tediz are limited to being inside some sniper towers, but they have access to weapons. The Villagers have no weapons, and must only rely on pure evasion to survive, and a few power ups. The Villagers must reach one side of the map to the other to escape. There is an explosives button on top of a hill. If a Villager manages to reach the button and press it, all Tediz in their bunkers will be temporarily killed, buying other Villagers much time before the Tediz respawn again. The Villagers must reach the escape area within a time limit. If the timer reaches 0, a laser beams down from the sky and instantly kills the Villager. This laser is described as being the Tediz' secret weapon.


  • Docks
  • Main Pathway
  • Bridge
  • Hill Pathway
  • Left Pathway
  • Tediz Sniper Nests
  • Entrances to Paris





  • The Beach map is actually just a modified version of the Colors one.