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Bats are recurring species of enemies found in most of the Conker games. They are based entirely on bats, which are flying mammals in the nonfiction world. They are brown and have two pointed ears, but otherwise are different in each game they appear in.

Conker's Pocket Tales[]

Bats are enemies appearing in all of the worlds in Conker's Pocket Tales, except for Mako Islands, and are bats as the name states. They are located inside of houses and must be shot with Conker's slingshot to be defeated. As soon as they are touched, Conker loses an acorn piece of life. These enemies also randomly fly around a room.

Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded[]

Bats are found in the Barn Boys, Bat's Tower and Spooky chapters in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. They are found sleeping on the ceiling of the buildings and will attack Conker if he comes closer to them.

In the Barn Boys chapter, two bats are see talking when Conker enters in the barn. One in is called Barry. One bat tells Barry about Conker, but Barry says that he can't see. So the other bat tells Barry to use his sonar. They will try to hurt Conker, but can be easily defeated by using the Flamethrower on them, or dodged by flying over the platforms. Other weaknesses include throwing knives, and a crossbow.

The same bats reappear in the Bat's Tower chapter, while vampire bats show up later in the Spooky chapter, these ones must be eliminated by the crossbow, as the shotgun will not work, and try to attack Conker as he tries to bring back one of the keys to the main door of the mansion. Conker is later turned into a bat by Count Batula. Count Batula also has his bat form.


  • Even though the bats in the Barn Boys and Bat's Tower chapters don't actually speak English at all, their cuss words are still given a bleep censor.
    • They are the only characters to use speech bubbles but not communicate in English.
  • Conker's fur color during his time as a bat in the Spooky chapter varied between versions. In the original game, he was black with a gray muzzle and underbelly. In Live and Reloaded, he had the same colors as his default form.


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