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The Wheel

The Bat's Tower Wheel is the name of the wheel Conker has to utilize in order to capture the cash to give to the Catfish.

Bat's Tower[]

The spinning wheel is encountered after the cash that Conker is after runs away and seals the doorway behind it. Conker has to use his slingshot to hit various letters that are exposed as the wheel rotates. The letters shown in the wheel are P, U, N, H, O, T, E, and S. Conker has to hit the O, P, E, and N letters to unseal the door in the center of the chamber. This, however, is made more difficult by the fact that there is no reticule for the slingshot, and if Conker hits the wrong letter or fails to hit a letter three times in a row, an alarm will go off causing Clang Goblings to attack Conker and take away a piece of his health. If Conker dies or exits the room, he has to start all over again. The Clang Goblings can be hit with a conker in Conker's slingshot to prevent them from attacking him. In Conker: Live & Reloaded, the letters were changed to arrows and the code was made visible to make it easier. The new code is up, down, right, and left.


  • If Conker successfully hits a Clang Gobling with his frying pan, it will disappear and the alarm that triggers the Clang Goblings to attack Conker will not be heard.